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Pillars of Commitment

Sacred Sons Foundation is devoted to a thriving future through our 3 Pillars of Commitment. We are a direct giving organization, which means that 100% of donations go directly to their designated program.


SONZ//Youth Mentorship Program

Shaping Young Men as Stewards of the Future

Sacred Sonz is a Youth Mentoring and Rites of Passage Experience to support and celebrate the transition from Boyhood to Manhood. For every paid participant one young man will receive a scholarship.


Sacred Sonz Youth Mentorship Program is empowering the next generation of men to live from their hearts. As the world is shaken up, our young men need guidance and connection more than ever.  Simultaneously the world is in dire need of mature, healthy young people to lead us into the future. By showing up for these young men in virtual and in-person containers, we are engaging in a cross-generational learning experience that creates a future free of toxic masculinity. 


SONZ is now in its third cohort of boys ages 11-19 who will embark on an 8-week experience focused on connection and growth through vulnerability and emotional relating with peers and healthy role models. Future offerings include Wilderness Expeditions, Rites of Passage, and specialized online offerings. 


Sonz Youth is a committed 1:1 program.  This means that for every boy who can pay to participate, we accept a boy who cannot.  We offer full and partial BIPOC and financial hardship scholarships


100% Direct Giving


FAM//For All Men Scholarship Program

Creating Pathways For All Men to Heal and Grow in Unity.

The colors of people represented around the world will always be the colors experienced in brotherhood at Sacred Sons. 1 in 5 men at every Sacred Sons offering will receive a scholarship.


FAM provides men of the BIPOC community and with financial hardship the opportunity to be embraced in brotherhood through scholarships. FAM is in steadfast commitment to providing a minimum of two scholarships to men in the BIPOC community or with financial hardship for every ten men participating in any Sacred Sons in person or online offering. In less than two years Sacred Sons have provided over 100 scholarships to men from the BIPOC community. 


Inclusivity of all masculine identifying men in all offerings is our commitment to unity through diversity. We celebrate all men from all walks of life to be integral members of this brotherhood.


100% Direct Giving



Planting trees whose shade we may never see

A fund dedicated to community development growth through land stewarding projects that support the mission of Sacred Sons. 


SEED is home to relationships built on a mutual commitment to grow in community. We believe that the seeds of today make way for the harvests of tomorrow. These seeds are to be planted in human connection that aligns respectfully through listening to the sacred land and her teachings. We are committed to be a lighthouse for human connection and this fund will bring life to the spaces stewarded.


100% Direct Giving


Contribute To The Future of

Healthy Masculinity

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Sacred Sons Foundation is a Hawaii non-profit organization in the process of applying for 501(c)(3) status.

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